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August 23, 2019 Tree House

Making Tree House Cottages

Tree house cottages can be considered a rite of passage for many children and their parents. Designs vary from simple to intricate. If you do a little planning, you have some knowledge of crafts and you think like a child, you can build a simple tree house with a great design. Write down some ideas of different design elements that you would like to include in your tree house. You may want to include secret doors and peepholes. Draw the plans for the tree house on another sheet of paper.

Awesome Tree House Cottages

Awesome Tree House Cottages

Draw the desired dimensions of the tree house cottages. Measure and cut the walls of plywood sheets, if you did not buy them pre-cut. Use the carpenter’s easels to make the plywood easier to cut. Measure and draw the location of the windows on the walls and label them accordingly. Cut each opening (including peepholes and doors) in the plywood. It stretches the section of the floor on the floor and measures and cuts a trapdoor as an entrance. Screw two hinges to one side of the floor and screw the cut-out piece to the other end of the hinges to create a functional hatch.

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Screw two walls together to make it easier to assemble the rest of the tree house cottages. Place the two walls aligned at one end of the floor piece and screw them into place. Lift this incomplete section to your desired location on the tree and screw the last wall into your site.Making of tree house,

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